What makes GA different?

A Catholic education challenges its students by encouraging high expectations for academic achievement, social justice, and Christ-centered values.

Our full-day preschool program works to teach students respect for each other in our faith-based environment. They also develop academic skills necessary for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

Through a blend of academic exploration and religious studies, our K-5 students begin to fill their tool kit in preparation for the challenges to come.

Our Academy (6-8th Grades) students are challenged academically and religiously to rise to the challenges facing them in high school. Our teachers work with their counterparts at Bishop Foley Catholic High School to ensure that students arrive on their campus ready for the academic challenges of high school.

"The Mission of Guardian Angels Catholic School is to proclaim Jesus Christ through sacraments and prayer by teaching Christ-centered values while encouraging academic excellence and social justice within our Catholic community."