The Learning Center is a classroom where students are provided academic support or enrichment based upon individual need. It is designed to offer both individual and small group instruction. The Center is staffed with a certified teacher who offers materials and instruction to better enable achievement of core curriculum standards or to extend concepts presented in the classroom. Collaboration with teachers for some advanced skill instruction may also be provided. Students are seen by appointment after qualifying assessments. IOWA scores, benchmark assessments (i.e. AIMS), placement tests, classroom tests/quizzes, and teacher observations are just some of the tools used to determine if a student qualifies for challenging enrichment. Challenging enrichment is offered in many different ways. These include:

  • Individual/Small group – Students are pulled out during scheduled times throughout the week to work on specific content areas.
  • Classrooms – Each teacher differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all learners in their classes.

Supplemental Services

The Learning Spectrum Room (LSR) is a classroom designed to meet the needs of the individual child. Because there is a smaller group in the room, each child is able to work with fewer distractions, receive more individualized attention, and learn material in ways different than in the large classroom setting.

Here are some of the resources that a student might receive in the LSR:

  • Work in a setting with fewer distractions
  • Sensory breaks
  • Assistance with specific subject matter in which a student is struggling
  • Remediation to teach the student skills they are missing
  • Completion of tests/quizzes
  • Assignments/Tests missed due to absence

Clawson Public Schools

Special education personnel from Clawson Public Schools meet with our administration, the Learning Spectrum Specialist, and teachers three times a year and on an as-needed basis to discuss students who are having academic concerns. This meeting is designed to provide strategies for student success.

If the team determines that a student may have a learning disability or some physical disability that is interfering with his/her learning, the team will obtain permission from the parents to test and collect further information to assess whether the child qualifies for Special Education Services.

Some of the services available to Guardian Angels students are:

  • When necessary, the School Psychologist will complete an IQ test and any other tests having to do with ability.
  • The Teacher Consultant consults with the Learning Spectrum Specialist and offers recommendations for how to help students
  • Speech and language testing will be done as needed. The speech therapist sees our students once a week for thirty minutes.
  • The Social Worker will also observe and collect information for ADHD, Autism, and other psychological diagnoses.
  • PT, OT, and an ASD specialist are available for consultation and work with our students when a qualifying student requires their services.



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