Our children enjoy a wide variety of age-appropriate, academically oriented activities in a nurturing environment designed to foster a love of learning and a natural curiosity which will prepare them to succeed academically as they grow.



We have a dedicated Religion curriculum, Stories of God’s Love.  This age-appropriate curriculum introduces children to the amazing love of God and their special friendship with Jesus, our Savior.  This uniquely Catholic program is introduced in the classroom daily and offers interaction with the family through handouts and suggested family activities.


The preschool at Guardian Angels Catholic School aligns with the STEM-focused, academically excellent philosophy consistent with the school curriculum in Grades K-8.


We follow a STEM-focused approach across all areas of learning which unleashes the natural curiosity of our students.  Learning is exploring at Guardian Angels, and we explore each area of study by ASKING, IMAGINING, PLANNING, CREATING, and IMPROVING.


We provide a nurturing environment which includes a wide variety of experiences designed to encourage growth in social skills as well as the emotional development of the child.



We base our literacy and math curriculum on Handwriting Without Tears.  This is an award-winning curriculum that offers multi-sensory strategies and materials to teach pencil grip, letter and number formation.  It allows our students to learn letters and numbers, as well as phonics, preparing them to springboard into reading and writing as they move forward in their academic career.


Hands-on science experiments are incorporated into the lessons, and our newest addition to the Science curriculum is WEE Engineering, which offers hands-on design projects completed collaboratively in the classroom.  This exciting and fun program allows children to explore the design process in new and fun ways.


Social Studies lessons are included weekly and introduce the children to the wonders of the world around them as well as the community in which they live.


Our schedule also includes the following specials each week: music, Spanish, art, library, science lab, gym time and outdoor play.  These classes enhance the weekly experience for the children and expose them to new and engaging areas of learning.


"The Mission of Guardian Angels Catholic School is to proclaim Jesus Christ through sacraments and prayer by teaching Christ-centered values while encouraging academic excellence and social justice within our Catholic community."