Type of DrillNumberDrill Date
Fire Drill19/28/2023
Fire Drill210/17/2023
Fire Drill311/14/2023
Fire Drill44/9/2024
Fire Drill55/17/2024
Severe Weather110/10/2023
Severe Weather23/7/2024
Shelter in Place111/10/2023
Shelter in Place21/11/2024
Shelter in Place35/7/2024
Type of DrillNumberDrill Date
Fire Drill19/27/2022
Fire Drill210/18/2022
Fire Drill311/17/2022
Fire Drill43/29/2023
Fire Drill55/19/2023
Severe Weather110/20/2022
Severe Weather23/7/2023
Shelter in Place111/8/2022
Shelter in Place21/10/2023
Shelter in Place34/20/2023
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