Academy Musicals

The Academy performs a musical in the spring. They are selected from the Broadway Junior Productions. Auditions are in the fall and rehearsals begin at the end of October. Any students who do not make it into the musical have the opportunity to join one of the crews (see Crew Descriptions.)

Music and choreography rehearsals run from October through December in the music room. After Christmas break, rehearsals are in the gym. The performance is typically the end of March.

Musical Crews:

Stage Crew: assists with the building and painting of the set

Prop Crew: assists with the collection of props, creates props as needed, places props on stage for performances and between scenes

Make-Up Crew: applies make-up to the cast for performances

Light Crew: runs the stage lights and spotlight for performances

Sound Crew: runs the soundboard for the show, sets up microphones, headsets, and monitors for the shows, runs sound checks before performances

Ushers: pass out programs, assist with chair set-up and tear down, help people find seats, collect donations

Advertising: creates colorful ads and creative announcements to advertise the musical

Guardian Angels Bands

Guardian Angels bands strive to find an understanding and appreciation for music and learn the appropriate skills in order to be successful in an instrumental ensemble. We also promote independent-thinking musicians who are capable of exploring and appreciating music on their own.

Our bands achieve these goals through rehearsal and performance opportunities. In the fall, the advanced band performs the National Anthem at Ford Field for the Prep Bowl. All bands play at both the Christmas and Spring Concerts.

General Ensemble Information:

Beginning Band: Beginning Band is intended for students who have little experience on an instrument (i.e. recorder) and is open to the 5th-8th grade.

Advanced Band: Advanced Band is for students who have completed at least one year of Band either at Guardian Angels or another school.

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